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A photo from the shores of Lake Bohinj, SloveniaMy name is Nat Henry, and I love using new technologies to illuminate and counter pressing social issues. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with majors in Geographic Information Science and Urban Studies; during my time in school, I modeled coupled social-environmental systems as part of the MORSL research group. I now work as a Geospatial Data Analyst for the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

My favorite types of projects involve geography, and in the past I've used spatial analysis to identify black carbon over the Greenland ice shelf, track drug trafficker movements in Central America, pinpoint the best places to plant a tree in Detroit, and predict Boko Haram's long-term impacts on Northern Cameroon. I plan to continue using my coding, data science, and spatial knowledge to better understand connections between people and places in the modern world economy.

I'm currently living in Seattle, but my heart belongs to Cleveland. If you want to know more about me or collaborate on a project together, feel free to contact me using the links below.

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  • LinkedIn: To connect with me and see my past work
  • ResearchGate: To read my publications
  • GitHub: Tools for data collection and spatial analysis